Experience unforgettable adventures and get to see all the places you have always dereamed about. Whether it is for you, your loved ones, office event or a birthday party, we have got you covered and all the virtual world is your oyster.  We are the leading Czech supplier of virtual reality based in prague and Beroun.

VR as an unique gift

Use our gift vouchers and give your loved ones an unforgettable experience! Virtual reality is not just one gift, but several gifts at once and many hours of fun and discovery!

Our testimonials

We borrowed VR headsets for the video presentation for our business partners Everything was without any problem - pricing, preparation and realization. We will be glad to use services of VRzazitek again.

Bluestyle a. s.

We used VR during our event as a special attraction for our customers. It was a great idea and everybody had fun with it. Also the communication with VRzazitek was perfect. Since begining to the realization.

4H production s. r. o.

I got a voucher from my friends for my bday - maybe because I love playing computer games. Even though I did not really buy into the whole "Become the hero in your own film", they were right. I suddenly felt like I was in all of those games I love so much experiencing them in real life. What I also enjoyed so much were sports games, thanks to those, my bdy party was a great hit. I also apprecited that I got these personally delivered to work so I did not have to bother with complicated pick ups.

Alex Bártová

I got the VR headset for our kid´s birthday party. It was a great idea as the kinds loved it and it wa the hit of the party and us - adults - ,we got a chance to catch up in peace. If only I ordered an extra set so the kids hand not had to fight ove the one I got :) The next time I am ordering one for me and my wife to try them for ourselves.

                  Filip Jaroševský

Solution and services for everybody!

We offer a fully autonomous Oculus Quest 2 VR headset for rent. Thanks to this, all games and applications are delivered directly with the device and you no longer need any additional hardware. As part of our glasses, we offer you more than 40 games and applications, from which absolutely everyone can choose, whether you are 10, 30 or 70 years old. See for yourself!

As part of company events, there is of course full service associated with the installation of VR headsets, stages and their operation during event.

VR headsets come with instructions for easy operation. If you still don't know what to do, call us!