Testimonials from our happy customers

We rented VR for a weekend this year. I have to say that this was an unforgettable experience for for both of my kids and my husband. Thanks to this I got a chace to relax and recharge my batteries.

Lucie Rašková

I got this experience as a gift from my granddaughted. Firstly I was quite sceptical about this, however I soon changed my opinion. I was able to see places I once went to and this brought back so many memories. I also got to see places I have always wanted to visit. Thank you!

Marie Sobková

I have worked in IT my whole life and I am always curious when it come to exploring now things and technologies. This is why I anted to try VR. Hands down, this VR surpassed all my expectations. Those travelling apps I tries are amazing and I was able to visit places I grep up in and once loved very much.

Václav Plášil

I got a voucher from my friends for my bday - maybe because I love playing computer games. Even though I did not really buy into the whole "Become the hero in your own film", they were right. I suddenly felt like I was in all of those games I love so much experiencing them in real life. What I also enjoyed so much were sports games, thanks to those, my bdy party was a great hit. I also apprecited that I got these personally delivered to work so I did not have to bother with complicated pick ups. 

Alex Bártová

I got the VR glasses for our kid´s birthday party. It was a great idea as the kinds loved it and it wa the hit of the party and us - adults - ,we got a chance to catch up in peace. If only I ordered an extra set so the kids hand not had to fight ove the one I got :) The next time I am ordering one for me and my wife to try them for ourselves.

Filip Jaroševský

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