Equipment for virtual reality

In the standadr VR loan you will get our autonomic VR headset Oculus Quest 2 with a super fast processor, new generation graphics card and of course many already downloaded and installed games and apps that everyone will choose from. The platform Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 and 6 GB of RAM memory will set you up for a great experince with its top-class performance. You will also enjoy a brilliant graphics thanks to the 1 832 × 1 920 pixel resolution. Seakers are already built in the VR headset generation an amazing 3D sound (feels like you were in a cinema theatre). Combining all these aspects, you will be so drwan into virtual reality work, you might forget about the real one for some time.

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Head Strap
Oculus Quest 2 Elite Head Strap

VR Headset including the Elite Head Strap is supplied in a special carry case JSVER, that was made especially for Oculus Quest 2. The carry case is made for a special EVA material providing the Oculus Quest 2 headset with a complex protection from scratched, shocks, impacts, sunlight and dust. Thanks to this carry case, you can easily tranport the headset anywhere you want (the carry case has a handle and a carrying strap)  withut having to worry it might get damaged during the transport. It is therefore safe to travel with our headsets anywhere you want withut taking much space. The carry case diensions are 31 x 22 x 12 cm.

As a part of our VR headset you will get the  Oculus Quest Elite Head Strap - the original fastening sytem for Oculus. This strap will give you more comfort when using VR, reduce perssure on your face and especially eyes, allowing you enjoy playing VR for extended periods of time. Special padding and the silicone material of the back support on the strap perfectly supports your head.

You will feel very comfortabel when wearing the VR headset and you can adjust it very easily using the round button on the back of the head  strap - it is just like putting on you cycling hemet. This menas the strap will fit or or your child perfectly. Now you can fully emerge into the VR world.

VR headset Oculus Quest 2 + pouzdro
VR headset Oculus Quest 2 + pouzdro

Naurally, you will receive a "how to guide" for the headset that will show you how to turn it on, how to Chome cast and many others with your loan. Thanks to this guide, anyone will be able to start anjoying the VR experience withing minutes of bringing the VR home.

Additional equipment

Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable
Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable

We also offer the Oculus Quest Link Cable, that will intensify and extend your playing experience. When using our Oculus headset withe the Oculus Quest Link Cable, you can be payling withoout needin to chage the headset. You only stick the cable in the power mains and you are set. You can also you the cable to connect the headset to your computer (depends on the makde and model to ensure the best performance) and you can play some of your favourite computer games in virtual reality. The Oculus cable is made out of 0,5mm TPU, optimalised to offer the least amount of friction, maximum of durability and flexibility. Low latention and minimal loss of signal will ensure your PC will reach the maxiumum rendering queslity without distortion.

You can also borrow a Google Chromecast 3 device, which will allow you to broadcast what is happening in the VR to almost any modern TV (must have HDMI and USB). You can thus transmit the image from the headset to the TV in real time. Others will see the same thing as you and will experience every step and every battle with you on the way to victory.

VR for businesses and events 

Oculus Quest 2 další vybevení
Oculus Quest 2 další vybevení

As part of mass events, it is of course possible to arrange to rent a TV - this is a 32" (81 cm) Thomson LED TV with Ultra HD resolution and Chromecast function, thanks to which you can easily project the ongoing game on the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and a Philips 43PUS6162/12 TV with a 43" (109 cm) diagonal and Ultra HD resolution.

As the VR headset must be used indoors (minimum 2x2m), we also have a 3x3m collapsible outdoor tent available. Of course, as part of the equipment, we also have extension cords and other essential equipment necessary for the easy operation of the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset in outdoor environments and at mass events.

For corporate actions and events, we also have a Google Chromecast 3 device available, which will enable smooth and simple streaming of images from VR headsets to almost any device, including your own LCDs.

Last but not least, we also bring our own LTE internet to every company event, which ensures trouble-free communication between the VR glasses and all other connected devices.

Borrow VR in 5 steps

1. Choose the date

You can rent VR headset from one day to a period of time specified by you. In the case of two days with a courier, the process looks like this: on the 1st day the courier brings the VR, on the 2nd day you have the VR. at home, you return the VR on the 3rd day. If you choose personal pick-up, we hand over the VR to you on the first day, you have it at home on the second day, and you return it on the third day. Prices for renting VR can be found in the "Price list" section.

3. Transport and pick-up

We will send the VR set to you by courier on a pre-arranged date, or hand it over in person. You sign the delivery receipt to the courier or to us, and then you can just enjoy the VR world full of adventure.

We offer the possibility of handing over VR glasses in person in Beroun, Prague, at a pre-arranged location.

4. Returning VR

On the day of return - the day after the end of your rental, you return the borrowed virtual reality equipment (VR glasses, two controllers, cover for the glasses, portable case, charger with cable) in the box, fill in and sign the enclosed rental form and then hand over the VR to the courier, or directly to us at the agreed place.

5. Feedback

If you were satisfied with your experience, we will be very grateful for your feedback - either in the form of a review on Google or in another form of Feedback that we will be able to put on our website. Likewise if you would like to improve something. Let us know which games or apps you would like to see in the future.

Děkujeme za vaši důvěru :)

VR for events

If you need to rent a VR headset for a larger event, the procedure is similar to renting the headset for personal use. However, the rental of VR for events also includes service, or other equipment such as LCD, chromecast, link cable, etc., you need to contact us in advance and agree on an exact date.

If you have any question, please get in touch with us and will will happily answer all your queries.