There is something for everyone in our apps and games selection

It goes without saying that all teh games and apps we offer and in all our VR hearsets ready for you to play giving you hundreds of hours of fun. We offer such games and apps that will satisfy all explorers of all ages and hobbies. It is up to you which adventure you will choose, be it sports, exploring new places, fighting with zombies, letting your hair down on a roller coater or swimmign with the sharks.

A game of your choosing for half the price

Should we not have the one game or app you have always wanted to try, let us know and we will let you purchase it for half the price! This is an offer you will nto find anywhere else in the Czech Republic. The list with all the Oculus games and apps  can be found on the official Oculus Once you choose your game, we will purchase it and add it to your order, charging you only half of its price.

New in: Steam VR

Half-Life: Alyx VR

Half-Life: Alyx is Valve's VR return to the Half-Life series. Become a direct participant in the fight against the ruthless Combine forces occupying Earth and experience the events set between the titles Half-Life and Half-Life 2. Thanks to the autonomous VR set Oculus Quest 2 connected to a high-end gaming computer, you will be transported to another world in an instant, where you will become Alyx Vance, the only hope to save the world. With our autonomous VR headset Oculus Quest 2 and a state of art gaming PC, you will take your gaming experience to the next level

The Walking Dead VR

The Walking Dead on Steam is a game unlike any other in The Walking Dead universe. Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead. Every challenge you face and every decision you make is controlled by you and you alone. With the living, the dead, disease, and famine as constant threats, you have countless ways to deal with these dangers. Face the flaming undead zombies and experience the dark drama of The Walking Dead first hand.​ With our autonomous VR headset Oculus Quest 2 and a state of art gaming PC, you will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Travelling and exploring in VR

Wander VR

There are surely some places you always wanted to visit, but never got teh chace, time ot money? Or are there any places you love and would like to revisit? Thanks to Wander VR, your dreams will come true within seconds. This app has an extremely elaboated graphics using Google Earth pictures from different times letting you to get to thousands of places with a click of a button. It will make you fell like you were in that specific place in person in real life. No time to waste, look at the Egyptian pyramids, Eiffel tower , Statue of liberty and many other sights. This app has an English commentary to specific places. VIDEO

National Geographic Explore 

Thanks to this unique app from the famouns National geographic brand you can climb Macu Picchu or the Mount Everest, vist Antarctica or dive in the ocean. Why not to cruise on your kayak among glaciers or join in on some old Indian rituals. Your options are endless. You would have to see it to belive it. VIDEO

BRINK - Traveler

BRINK Traveler gives you the chance to see the most treasured and beautiful places  on the Eart. You not longer have to admire those beautiful pictures in magazines or on TV, now you can see them for yourselves thanks to the BRINK - Traveler, and even take a picture. You have over 20 locations in teh app with descriptions in English.  VIDEO

Ocean Rift

This is the first water safari park in the virtual reality world which is a must to try. Explore this underwater kingdom full of sea creatures such as dolphins, sharks, orcas, turtles, sea snakes, rays, manatees, sea lions, whales, and even dinosaurs! You just swim arounf in 14 different habitat with the animals of oyur choosing. This game has 40 narration point where you also learn something new about these creatures.  VIDEO


The Ecosphere app offers a unique view on a selction of paces on the Earth. You can peek in to the African Savanna  to see elephant, explore tropical raiforrests in Borneo or coral reefs in indonesia in a ways it will make you feel you were actually there in real life. A narrazion is an integral part of this app. VIDEO

Mission ISS

Have you ever wondered what woudl it be like to see the Earth from teh ISS space station? And how does the ISS space station look like from the inside? And how about walking around a space station? If you have ever pondered about these, you no longer need to as we have the Mission ISS for you. Your wildest space dreams will come true with this app. VIDEO

Titans of Space PLUS

Have you ever wondered how big the space is? Do you know how to imagine the size of planets, suns and galaxies? Have you ever wanted to know how Jupiter compares in size to the Earth or the Sun? Diy ou want to be an astronaut as a kid? if you answered yes to these questions, the the Titans of Space app is for you! With two difefrent space tours, you will see our galaxy from a different angle and throiught the eyes of an astronat. VIDEO

Jurassic World 

Are you a fan of the Jurassic World and always wanted to meet T-Rex or Blue right next to you? If your answered yes to these questions, the the Jurassic World app is the right ne for you. You will be dragged into the stroy of Blue and T-Rex via a short film full of prehistoric lzards fighting for life.  VIDEO


In this app, you can cerate your own virtual home of your liking from the comfort of your sofa in your real-life living room. This is what the Alcove app offers. Whatmore, Alcove allows you to travel the world and see most sights in many countries. Alternatively you can go and dive ner coral reefs, vist popular sight and many others. This all can be shared with your loved one through a sceen share. VIDEO

Sports games

Beat Saber

Rhytmic Beat Saber is one of the most well known and also the most populat games in VR. The point of this gave is very easy, you just need to cut all the cubes (beats) in the right direction using your two sabers. Each beat shows you how to cut it correctly and which saber to use. Each cut of a cube is supported by sounds and visuals to support the rhythm. Music is composed in a way that it perfectly corresponds the speed of the beats. There are many different levels to choose from. You can play in a singe mode, choose  a mission or even play online with your friends. VIDEO

Eleven Table Tennis

One of the most worked through virtual reality simulations of table tennis, this is the Elven Table Tennis game in VR. Whether you just want to practice, play solo against a PC or pla online with your friends, all is possible here. With this game, you will forget you are not in a table tennins arena and not just in the middle of your living room. This experience is only real thanks to the state of the art graphics and very believable physics. VIDEO

Carve snowboarding

Have you ever snowboarded and wonder what it might be like in VR? Or did you at least want to try it, but didn't have the courage? With the unique game Carve Snowboarding it is possible! The game offers you the opportunity to slide down the slopes as if you were on the mountains yourself. Whether you ride, as they say, against time, or you want to try your own tricks. Carve Snowboarding will set you no limits! VIDEO

First Person Tennis 

First Person Tennis is the ultimate virtual reality tennis simulator. Whether you've ever played tennis or not, this game lets you experience tennis as if you were the star of Wimbledon yourself, including all the spectators! VIDEO

Final Soccer

Experience the real thrill of soccer like never before with Final Soccer. This is a football simulator designed specifically for virtual reality. Immerse yourself in the game with the most realistic graphics and animations captured from the movements of professional players. The game offers three different game modes: Simulator Mode, Multiplayer Mode and Arcade Mode. VIDEO

Clean Sheet VR

CleanSheet VR offers the ultimate VR goalkeeper experience! Test your reactions and sharpen your reflexes. Face off against an opponent who alternates between the role of the shooter and the goalkeeper. As a shooter, you have to be creative, use your catapult and the environment to trick your opponent and score goals. As a goalkeeper, stop as many shots as possible! VIDEO 


If you have never played golf or if you are a fan of golf, Golf+ VR is a perfect imitation of golf in virtual reality that will definitely not disappoint you. You have many training options to choose from within the game, or you can go through the entire field yourself. Whatever you decide, Golf+ offers a unique golfing experience including fancy graphics! VIDEO

Thrill of the Fight

This boxing virtual reality simulator is very authentic, thrilling, full of danger and adventure making you to reach the end of your tether.You can try how well you woudl fight in a very demanding sparring fight, punchbag training or have a boxing match with one of the best boxers. VIDEO

Fit XR

This unique online training simulator will take you to many various fitness classes, most looking like fitbox. You will be taken to a virtual gym where you choose the space where you take your classes in, you can also choose your trainers whose only goal is to make you sweat and overcome yourselves. VIDEO

Creed: Rise to Glory (Demo)

The dofference between Creed and the Thrisll of the Fight is that the Creed  is more interactive and there is more runing around in teh field itself. Therefore, this game is more demanding for you.VIDEO

Dance Central (Demo)

Have you alsways wanted to be the star of the dance floor and did not know how and when to start? Ar you think you are a great dance star and want to measure your chances against others? No matter how good of a dancer you are, Dance Central is a great virtual reality experience that will stick in your memory. Try for yourself how it feels to compare your abilities to the pros in virtual night clubs. VIDEO

Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat

Kizuna AI is an easier version of Beat Saber. Your task is to listen to the music and hit the correct notes at the right time when the beat hits. VIDEO

Games for kids and the whole family 

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

This kids detective virtual reality game will get you to help a grandpa to find his lost animals. You will be finding these pets by solving various puzzles in some wonderful miniature worlds you create alongside with your guide - the grandfather. You will be amazed by the places that await you. VIDEO

Echo VR 

Have you ever imagines what would it be like to play frisbee in a vacuum? You can now try this in VR. It is a free-to-play multiplayer game offering you this non traditional activity. You will be playing an astronomicsl frisbee  in a futuristic arena where you will have to communicate with other players. VIDEO

Angry Birds 

One of the most classical mobile arcade games is in VR even more amazing than on your phone. Angry Birds VR game shifts the game to a completely different level. You will be holding a furious bird aiming at a house full of angered pigs. There are 104 fun-filled stages for you to play, or you can build your own levels and then share them with your friends. VIDEO

Epic Roller Casters 

Do you love amusement parks? Do you not mind a bit of adreanalin and you heart racing from baing on a roller coaster? Have you ever wanted to to try a roller coaster that willl make your legs shake? If you have said yes to all questions the the Epic Roller Casters games is the right one for you. No matter if you are young or old, a child or an adult, you will love the feeling of dashing up and down the roller coaster in different settings such as the jurrasic park. VIDEO

Gorilla tag

Run, climb, and jump in VR using a unique locomotion method that only needs the movement of your hands and arms. No buttons, no sticks, no teleportation. Push off of surfaces to jump and squeeze them with both hands to climb. Run from the other gorillas, or outmaneuver the survivors to catch them. VIDEO

Poker VR  

Why not to experience of sitting in a casino and not just at one table. No matter if you want to measure your skills against virtual palyer or real life competitors, Poker VR offers you to be a part of throusands of tournaments right from the comfort of your own home while not taking away from the poker tournament atmosphere. VIDEO


Fishing is one of the most popular activties in The Czech Republic Sitting by the lake or a river, having a nice cup of te or coffee, enjoying the peace and quiet while patiently waiting for a fish to catch yur bait. This virtual reality game will give you the same feelings only from the comfort of your home.  VIDEO

Rec Room 

Have you ever wondered how could your life look like in virtual reality? No need to be pondering about this any longer as this app gives you an idea how one day we might live our lives in virtual realiy. Youcan make friendships, play games, have a party with people on the other side of the globe and many other things in Rec Room. Try it our for yourself and let us know. Do you think this will become our day to day life one day?  VIDEO

Fruit Ninja 

Who can cut up more pieces of fruit in a set time? Have a match with your friends or improve your score... It is up to you, the possibilities are limitless. Fruit Ninja in a unique and a very addictive arcade game that will bring out your inner child in you. This game offers an interesting concept of cutting up fruit in many different ways. VIDEO


If you ever wanted to be magician or a wizard and thought what it might feel like to create and make your own potions, elixirs and spells, you can now try this at first hand with this game called Elixir. No matter how old you are, this game will give you an unforgettable experince. Your tasks will include creating, taking care of, feeding, washing and last but not least documenting magical creatures you created in your own magical laboratory. You can expect a guidance and a lot of praise from an experienced magician - your mentor. VIDEO

Horror and action games

Resident Evil 4 

Resident Evil 4 along with The Walking Dead are the most sophisticated games on Oculus VR. Resident Evil 4 is totally remastered for VR and takes you to a horror looking offshore village whete something is not just right. It is only up to you how long you will last in this game. You will be a special agent who´s task is to save the US President´s daughter who has been kidnapped by a cult. You will have to battle terrifying creatures, angry villagers and discover how this all connects. If you like suspense, mission tasks,solving mysteries and fighting zombies, this game sis for you. VIDEO

The Room VR

Enter the room of the British Institute of Archeology where one of the scientists investigating the strange artifacts from the excavation has disappeared. Naturally, individual objects also have an effect on today's people, which is why you can't be surprised that they also puzzled the investigating police in 1908, when The Room VR takes place. This is another classic escape. VIDEO


Ironlights is a VR fighting game with agile and smooth melee combat. Parry, block, and knock down your opponents with a variety of physics-based weapons. Here you'll need to move slowly to accurately defend and attack, with a variety of fighting styles to choose from. Test your skills in multiplayer battles or fight for the top of the league in a massive single player campaign! VIDEO

Population One 

This is a classic multiplayer action game in teh style of Counter Strike giving you an absolute freedom of movement thanks to the unique vertical fight mode. Climb, run, fly, build and fight on many kilometres squared from the comfort of your own home. You need to use your map well to naigate the environment and to creatively use your surroundings. This is only possible in VR. VIDEO

Gun Raiders 

Similar to Population one, Gun Raiders is also a multiplayer online shooter. nevertheless, in comparaison to Population One, GunRaiders is more of a "death match" kind of a game. You have more guns to choose from and their control is more sensitive. Population one is more sophiscticated, however if you wanna try ot see how good your aim is, Gaun Raiders will be a great change of a scene for you.


Super Hot 

Super Hot is unbelievably sophisticated and well worked through game where you fight a group of trained digital killers. This is a game for action lovers. Take on teh responsibilty of a lone soldier who is outnumbered needing to shoot all oponents before they shoot him. Steal weapons from shot enemies, kick, punch and throw all things possible to your oponents to progress in this game. Super Hot is so popular for its slow motion combat - the faster you move the faster the envoronment around you is. This is nothing like you ever experienced before. VIDEO

Vader Immortal - whole series

The Vader Immortal series immerses you into the Star Wars universe and the life of Jedi. No doubts that you will face plenty stormtroopers and  have more than one encounter with Dart Vader. Do not hesitate and try for yourself how it feels like to fight with a laser saber or to use your inner powers to move rocks. VIDEO

Drop Dead 

It is hard to say if this is a horror game or an ction arcade, maybe a bit of both. Drop dead is one crazy ride where you need to save the world from a zombie apocalypse by battling zombies dashing from everywhere. But do not get confused - not all zombies are zombies. VIDEO

Other VR apps

Animation player VR 

A unique VR media player offer you a hand painted and animated VR experience. Through this app, you can watch and explore a varied selection of visual fictions and stories such as short horror movies, virtual worlds taht will take your breath away and more. Will you date to enter this new world and step out of your comfort zone? VIDEO

Oculus TV 

Whetever your dream is, might it be swimming or diving with the dolphins, going on some damngerous and breathtaking rollercoaster rides or visiting the Mount Everest, with Oculus TV, anything is possible.

Thanks to the immagulately worked out immersive videos, especially created for virtual reality, you will feel as if you actually were on all there places in real life. You will need an internet connection to run this app. VIDEO

Youtube VR 

There is probably n need to introdule Youtube to you. However, it hits different, watching your favourite video or a clip in an immersive virtual reality environment. VIDEO

Tripp (Demo) 

Do you love meditation as much as we do? Have you ever though about what might it feel like to meditate in a heavn full of calm backgroound music and immersive visualisations. If your answer was yes, then what are you waiting for? You have to try this app. Even though, this is just a demo version, it will be worth the try. VIDEO


Experience the Metaverse first hand. You can visit asrt galeries, concerts, libraries or just go for a walk in the Multiverse "city". YOu can embark on expeditions and go on adventures to explore the vast space taht is waiting for you in the Multiverse. Whatever you decide to do in the Multiverse, is a great idea and you cannot go wrong. VIDEO

Netflix VR 

There is again no need to introduce this one, Netflix is just so popular now. But what about Netflix in VR? Have you ever tries this? With Netflix VR you can watch your favourite film or TV series from your own virtual living room which is again something worth the try. VIDEO

As we update our games and apps offer as we go, you can soon expect more exciting games that will take you to so far unknown places in virtual reality to be added soon. In teh meantime, if there is something you want to ask about about our VR games, do not hesistate and contact us!